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Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is a powerful and extremely nurturing treatment. Its calming effects will very quickly send you into a deep state of relaxation. 


Just like foot reflexology, there are reflex points on the face which correspond to specific organs, glands and systems of the body. By applying gentle pressure to the reflexes on the face, this helps stimulate the reflex points, encouraging the body's natural healing to take place, restore balance and promote well-being. All reflexology treatments are excellent at helping to reduce stress, calming the mind, restore balance and release toxins, plus much more.

When a reflex is out of balance, your reflexologist will be able to feel deposits under the skin which can feel grainy, a bubble-wrap like sensation ore sponginess. Any areas are worked to try and break down these deposits, thus creating harmony and well being within the whole body.

Facial reflexology is a great alternative to foot reflexology if...

-  you are not keen having your feet worked on;

-  a foot problem prevents the feet being worked on;

-  you may just prefer facial treatments!

I am a qualified practitioner in the Bergman Zone Method of Advanced Facial Reflexology, taught by the London School of Reflexology.

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