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Reflexology for Menopause


Are you experiencing symptoms such as...?

Hot Flushes


Mood Swings


Brain Fog

Night Sweats


Poor Concentration



Achy Muscles

Are you feeling stressed or anxious?

- Would you like help to reduce/ease menopausal symptoms?

- Would you like support to make your menopause journey easier?

- Are you ready to make some changes and want to feel better?

- Is it about time that you put yourself first?

Reflexology may be for you!

Self-care is one of the key elements to a healthier menopause. Reflexology, together with some lifestyle changes tend to achieve the best results. Clients are encouraged to look at and reflect on additional ways to help support the healthy ageing process/menopause. Stress can play a big role in many symptoms, so helping to recognise and trying to eliminate stress in one’s life can have a profound knock-on effect to a better you! Relaxation also plays an important role to combat the effects of stress. I believe that small achievable steps can make a difference and can have a significant impact on wellbeing!

Pause for thought: Think of this time as an opportunity for transformation and growth!

How can reflexology help with perimenopause and menopause?

- Reflexology helps support your journey by balancing your hormones, aiding deep relaxation, which can help to restore balance within your whole body to achieve homeostasis.

- Reflexology aims to optimise physical and emotional wellbeing.

- Lowering stress levels can reduce menopausal symptoms – so why not see how the deep relaxation of reflexology makes you feel!

- Reflexology may help you feel calmer and more relaxed, you should sleep better and have a sense of improved mood and wellbeing.

- Reflexology is there to support women and ease symptoms. 

Menopause Reflexology200.jpg

- Reflexology clients who are also able to take on lifestyle changes tend to achieve the best results.

- A reflexologist can be a “listening ear”. It can be helpful to talk to someone and know someone is there to give support.

At Angelic Touch Reflexology, a calm and tranquil log cabin is the ultimate haven for you to relax and unwind, allowing you to rejuvenate and restore balance. 

Some key aspects to a healthier menopause:

- Relaxation - Reflexology offers you that key relaxation time. Relaxation can ease symptoms.

- Lowering stress levels – deep relaxation from reflexology allows the body to heal and repair

- Reflexology can help to rebalance hormones and can bring about homeostasis to your whole body. 

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