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Facial Acupressure Therapy

Facial Acupressure therapy treats the unique structure of the face to release tension and support your emotional wellbeing and relieve stress. It incorporates a head, neck and shoulder massage, working with the ChineseAcupressure facial map to benefit the whole body. 


We hold a lot of tension in our face, neck and shoulders. You may experience headaches, neck and shoulder tension, jaw discomfort, tension in the back of your head (occipital). All of these may be as a result of holding onto tension and stress is the most likely cause. Stagnant energy (Qi) can block the flow of Qi, causing dis-ease. Using gentle pressure applied to acupressure points, helps to unblock congested Qi, enabling Qi to flow freely again, to create homeostasis within your mind, body and soul.


The treatment begins with a soothing neck, shoulder and scalp massage which helps release tension in your muscles and fascia. A facial cleanse and hot towel, following on to begin facial massage incorporating facial acupressure points. Moments into the treatment you will be in a very relaxed state!


Acupressure facial therapy is an extremely relaxing treatment in which you will feel pampered and become deeply relaxed. You will feel and look revitalised. It is a very safe treatment and good for those with chronic conditions.   


-  Deeply Relaxing;

-  Aids Stress Relief;

-  Releases Facial Tension;

-  Improves Lymphatic Drainage;

-  Promotes Collagen Production.

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