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Pricing & FAQ
(Ear Candling)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens At My Appointment?

A short consultation will take place to begin with. This will ensure clients are suitable to go ahead with treatment.

The client will remain fully clothed and lie down on their side on the treatment couch with the head supported on a pillow. Treatment will usually begin on the ear that clients consider is more of a problem.

Before the candle is lit, the candle is placed inside the ear so that the client can see what it will feel like.

Once lit and inserted into the ear, the client will experience a lovely crackling sound and a gentle heat may be felt around the ear. The candle will continue to burn down until it is nearing the marker line on the candle, then it is removed and extinguished in a bowl of water. The client will then turn over and the process is repeated on the other ear.

How Long Is Each Treatment?

An ear candling treatment is a 30 minute appointment.

You can also add the following options to your appointment, which are both 45 minutes:

-   Face, Scalp & Ear Massage

-   Facial Cupping


These additional options further enhance the effects of an ear candling treatment, encouraging a deeper state of relaxation, reduction in stress, anxiety and a feeling of well-being.


Ear Candling:

Ear Candling Stand-Alone Treatment (30mins)

Ear Candling + Face, Scalp & Ear Massage (45mins)

Ear Candling + Facial Cupping (45mins)




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