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Benefits of
Ear Reflexology

Due to the close proximity to the brain and central nervous system, ear reflexology can have rapid results. It is a powerful therapy and when combined with other therapies such as foot reflexology as it further enhances a treatment to give more rapid results, and it is also deeply therapeutic.

Ear reflexology has all the benefits that foot reflexology has to offer. It is a great addition if wishing to target specific issues such as pain management, muscular tension or insomnia.

Ear reflexology may be helpful for relief of symptoms in conditions such as:

-   Headaches

-   Migraines

-   Sinus Problems

-   Tinnitus

-   Neck, Back & Shoulder Tension

-   Allergies

-   Inflammation

-   Pain Relief

-   Stress

-   Anxiety

-   Insomnia

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