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(Facial Cupping)

These are certain conditions that are a contra-indication to treatment, which unfortunately means that you will not be able receive facial cupping treatments.

  • Botox or Facial Fillers - wait at least 3 weeks after it's been administered;

  • Recent Surgery - wait at least 3 - 6 months;

  • Scar Tissue - wait 6 weeks - 6 months;

  • Melanoma;

  • Infectious Skin Conditions, e.g. Cold Sores;

  • Open Sores, Acne, or Burns;

  • Active Sinus Infections (ok to treat on the tail-end of sinus infection);

  • Sunburn;

  • Rosacea;

  • Tumours or Unexplained Lumps on Face, Neck, or Shoulders;

  • Active Eczema or Psoriasis;

  • Very Sensitive Skin / Very Thin Skin that Bruises Easily;

  • Skin Cancer;

  • Diabetes;

  • Difficult to Work on Beards/Stubble;

  • Pregnancy;

  • Not Suitable for Children;

  • Not Suitable for Very Elderly.


If you are seeing a GP or consultant for a specific health issue, please check with your GP or consultant that they consent for you to have a facial reflexology treatment.

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