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Pricing & FAQ

(Reflexology for Menopause)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are recommended?

An initial 90-minute appointment  - which consists of a full consultation to discuss your health and lifestyle, menopausal symptoms etc. This allows your treatments to be tailored specific to your needs. A full foot reflexology treatment specific for menopause support will then follow.


Subsequent treatments for menopause will be 75-minute appointments. A brief consultation will take place at the beginning. This allows clients to ask any questions they may have or revisit any aspects of the menopause that were discussed in the initial appointment, then a full treatment will follow to include specific sequences for menopause support.

In an ideal world, to achieve the best results and to feel the full effects of reflexology, it is recommended to begin with one treatment per week for at least the first 4-6 weeks, then a couple of fortnightly treatments, with the aim to continue with monthly treatments for top ups. 


Frequency of appointments will be discussed with each client and please let me know what best suits you too. The recommendations for frequency of appointments are a guideline to seeing quicker results but I appreciate each client's circumstances are not all the same.  Reflexology needs to be given a fair chance and there does need to be some commitment to booking a few treatments to see the many benefits from reflexology. 


Reflexology can offer support to women and ease symptoms. Try it and see for yourself!

You will start to see that you can make a difference if/when you are ready. 


Initial Menopause Consultation & Treatment (1hr 30mins)
Subsequent Treatments (1hr 15mins)

(saving £20)

(saving £15)

(saving £50)

Individual Treatments:

Menopause Saver Packages:

Initial 90-minute Appointment + 3 Weekly Subsequent Treatments
3 x Weekly Subsequent Treatments
6 x Weekly Subsequent Treatments






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